The program will be composed by regular, special and poster sessions. Furthermore, plenary lectures will be given by well-known scientists in the field of Wearable Robotics. The program will aim at enriching the knowledge of the participants, widening their point of view on specific topics related to Wearable Robotics, and getting in closer contact with experts in this field.

Confirmed Speakers:

Prof. M. Chiara Carrozza
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Title: Human-Robot Integration to support Cognitive and Physical Rehabilitation



Prof. Michael Goldfarb
Vanderbilt University


Title: Low-Power Approaches to Wearable Robotics for Minimizing Physical Disability



Prof. Katja Mombaur
Heidelberg University

Title: Optimization-based analysis and design of exoskeletons, prostheses and assistive devices



Dr. Marcia K. O’Malley
Rice University
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


Title: Enhancing Human Performance with Wearable Haptics



Dr. Marco Santello
School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
Arizona State University


Title: Sensorimotor hand function: Bridging the gap between control mechanisms and clinical translation



Dr. Stephen Scott
GSK Chair in Neuroscience
Centre for Neuroscience Studies
Queen’s University


Title: Potential of Robotic Technology to Assess Brain Function and Dysfunction



Prof. Herman van der Kooij
University of Twente


Title: Human Inspired Control of Exoskeletons